In english

What is Tyfon?

Tyfon is a group that caters to young people with experience of migration and forced migration. Together we make various activities to learn more about politics. It can be anything from football tournaments to help with homework, cinema, art exhibitions, field trips or camps in nature. We believe that we learn when we do things together. Tyfon would also motivate young people to find their own ways to actively participate in society. Tyfons work is based on the participants ideas, where the working group (the employed people in the project) exists to support, provide tools and arrange contacts.

Tyfon is also holding workshops on various topics such as: political participation, methods for political activism, group processes/collaboration, suppression techniques and power and norms.

Tyfon also work to create safe spaces. Therefore, we have a group doing activities with girls and transgender people.

You can find Tyfon at Glocal Folkhögskolan in Malmö, but we have activities directed in whole of the region Skåne. We are also a lot at Mötesplatsen Otto in Malmö. Tyfon is financed by the Swedish Inheritance Fund (Arvsfonden) and will hopefully be ongoing until the summer of 2016.


Tyfon has as values to distance themselves from all forms of domination and oppression, and instead promotes an anti-oppressive, anti-racist and feminist activities against heterosexism and homophobia, class oppression, ageism and oppression against people with functional difference.

Target group

Tyfon aims at all young people with experience of migration and forced migration. Since we know that many things can be sensitive to talk about we do not ask about age, about your background, or if you have a residence permit or are paperless. But if you want to tell us, we will listen. We hope that all young people should feel welcome and safe when we do activities with Tyfon. The most important thing for us is forTyfons work feels meaningful to you.